Installing Foundation Insulation Outside Installing Foundation Insulation Outside

What You'll Need
Rigid Foam Insulation
Tape Measure
Face Mask
Utility Knife

Foundation insulation is an important type of insulation which can be used to make your home much more energy efficient. Although most of the heat will be lost through the top of your roof, some heat will also be lost through the foundations. Foundation insulation is actually very simple to apply when working on outside walls.

Step 1 - Measuring

Use the tape measure to measure around the walls that you want to insulate, then use this figure to calculate how much insulation yo will need to purchase to finish the job. Compare the costs of different types of insulation by working out how much each type will cost to install.

Step 2 - Cutting the Insulation

Cut the insulation by measuring it and then cutting it with a utility knife. Once the insulation is cut to size you should try it against the wall to check that it all fits together properly.

Step 3 - Fixing the Insulation

The insulation now needs to be fixed onto the wall by using the right adhesive. The adhesive can either be applied directly to the insulation or to the wall. Once the insulation is secured in place check that everywhere is covered. It can then be fixed even better by using nails.


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