Installing Frameless Shower Doors

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Glass door
Vinyl sweep
Phillips head bit
Masonry bit

Frameless shower doors can be really fun to use in your bathroom, but most people are scared to install them based on what they fear to be a difficult process. Although there is a different kind of work needed for frameless doors, they aren't necessarily more complicated to install than any other options. Review the guide below so you can see how the process works.

Step 1 - Make Measurements

Measure the area where the door will go based on the hinges and height of your specific shower door. Each one varies a bit, but you should have instructions to follow with the door you purchased. Overall though, make the measurements level from one door to the next if you have two doors to worry about. You want to make sure that the doors sit flush with one another when you actually install them.

Step 2 - Attach Hinges to the Door

Your door should come with some hinges to use, as well as pre-cut holes for where the screws go. Carefully place the hinges on the door and screw them in. You might want to avoid fully tightening the screw until the doors are in place. This will avoid stress on the screws and the glass that could cause breaking.

Step 3 - Prepare to Screw in the Door

You want to set the door up to the wall to make sure all of your measurements look accurate. Align the hinges up with the spots that you marked them to go and see if there is a 3/8" gap at the bottom to allow the door to swing. If not, raise the door and make new marks accordingly. Do the same for both doors if there are two of them.

Step 4 - Drill the Holes for the Screws

Take your drill and masonry bit and drill holes for your hinge screws. Obviously make the holes the same width as the screws so they will be able to firmly hold the doors in place.

Step 5 - Screw the Doors in

Gently hammer some wall anchors into the wall so that the screws will be able to support the weight of the door. Hold the door up to the holes and use a drill to screw everything in. It might again be wise to not fully tighten the screws until everything is done. Once you have all the screws in place, go back and tighten them all down, including the ones from the hinges.

Step 6 - Add a Sweep

Add the sweep to the bottom of the door. Then all you have to do is clean up the area and wash the glass off. Be sure to clean the bathtub out because there may be a layer of dust sitting in the bottom of it.