Installing Garage Door Weatherstripping: 4 Tips Installing Garage Door Weatherstripping: 4 Tips

Garage door weatherstripping is simple and energy-saving effective for preventing cold drafts and heat loss. Below are four tips for installing garage door weatherstripping.

1: Use a Flashlight

You can determine if your garage door needs weatherstripping with the help of a friend and a flashlight. Have your friend stand outside your garage door and with all the lights turned off, have your friend shine a light around the perimeter of the garage door. If you see any light seeping from the opposite side of the door then you need to install weatherstripping for your garage door.

2: Use Adhesive-backed Weatherstripping Foams

Adhesive-back foams are perfect weatherstripping materials. Eliminate drafts around your garage door by applying ample amounts of adhesive-backed weatherstripping foams. Follow the application manuals properly.

3: Install a Door Sweep

A door sweep is a simple yet effective weatherstripping device perfect for sealing drafts located at the bottom of the door. Door sweeps are easily installed by screwing or stapling it on the floor.

4: Install a Door Threshold

A door threshold is panel installed around the door frames to prevent drafts. It is made of various materials such as wood, aluminum and vinyl. Some types of door thresholds are equipped with a gasket that presses into the bottom portion of the door when it is closed.

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