Installing Garden Pathway Light Pavers: 4 Tips

There is nothing more beautiful than having a pathway light in your garden. Pathway light makes the view more mesmerizing as it accentuates the pavers. When you are thinking of installing a garden pathway light paver, you will need to make sure the pathway is wide enough for at least two people to be able to walk side by side. There are some tips to help you when installing your garden pathway light pavers.

Tip #1 - Consider the Garden Pathway Light Paver Materials

The first tip in installing your garden pathway lights is to decide on the material of the paver. Brick, concrete, rubber and stone are just a few. The ground needs to be suitable for the particular type of paver you will be installing. You will be safe from injury by installing the right type of pavers in the right place.

Tip #2 - Drainage and Soil

Make sure you are installing the garden pathway light pavers where there will be proper drainage to prevent flooding. Check to see that the soil is not disturbed in any way before installation.

Tip #3 - Light Pavers

There are pathway pavers that have built-in lights in them for safety at night. This will ensure that family and guests are guided by both the pavers and the lights. Alternatively, you can purchase string lights to install in the ground alongside the pavers.

Tip #4 - Sealing Installed Pavers

To extend the life of your installed garden pathway light pavers, a seal coating should be used. You wouldn’t want all your hard work to be in vain. Sealed pathway light pavers maintain their color and are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and stains.