Installing a Glass Enclosure on a Neo-Angle Shower

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Installing a neo-angle glass-enclosed shower increases the available space of your bathroom while bringing it to update with a modern style. In this article, we take a look at the process of installing the glass enclosure to finish the job.

Lay the base tracks on the shower’s base so you can get an idea of how they align. Be sure to keep a small gap between the track meets the shower wall. It is needed because this space is where the side rails will be installed.

Enlist someone to give you a hand to keep the side rails level while you mark the locations of the holes you will be drilling. Do so for both vertical sides and the base track.

Installer’s Tip

Align the side rails so they can get screwed into a stud to allow for a sturdier installation. If no stud is available, most manufacturers approve of using plastic drywall anchors to secure the rails in place.

Before you attach the base and side rails to the shower stall foundation, run a bead of caulk or silicone adhesive along the inside edge of the rails. It’s important to use the kitchen and bath silicone because it has anti-mildew additives.

Set the rails in place, aligned with the holes you marked or drilled. Secure them using the screws that came with the rails. Allow the recommended time for the silicone caulk to dry before you begin installing the glass partitions.

Once the silicone has dried, set aside partition in place. With your helper holding the glass panel upright, use the screws to attach it to the bottom and side rails. Then do the same thing with the second glass side partition.

With both glass panels installed, set the top cap in place and align the holes for the screws. If you notice that the holes do not align, don’t worry, that is often the case with mass-produced construction products. Simply align one side up and drill a new screw hole on the other side. Screw the top cap in place.

On the bottom rail, you will see a plastic bushing. That is where the pin which holds the door in place is inserted. With the pin inserted, slide the door over the pin and use the second pin to hold the top of the door in place by sliding it down through the top cap into the hole on the top of the door.

Take another tube of silicone and caulk along the outside edges of the base track and the side rails. Most manufacturers recommend not caulking along the inside of the rails.

Wait the recommended amount of time for the silicone to dry before using the shower.