Installing Glass Shower Doors on Neo Angle Enclosures

What You'll Need
Shower glass doors
Clear silicone caulk
Phillips screwdriver
Tape measure
Electric drill
Kitchen and bath caulk

Installing glass shower doors for a neo-angel shower enclosure can be done without having to call a professional. The job can be quite simple. It is better to have someone that you can enlist to help you with this project as the glass doors are heavy. Follow each step carefully and you should have a the shower doors installed within a few hours.

Step 1 – Starting the Installation

Check your package to make sure you have everything it comes with. Gather the materials listed above and set them in your working area for easy access. Decide what way you would like your door to open.

The bottom frame should be positioned now on the curb of the base and make sure that the ends of the frame do not touch the side wall. On the bottom frame on the section of the center it has only one leg. Now to mark the location to the pair of holes on the base of which way you want your door to open. Repeat these steps for the vertical side rails at the same time, with your helper holding them in place.

Now remove the bottom frame and side rails and drill where you marked your location. Underneath the bottom frame and the vertical side rails, apply the silicone caulk or the kitchen and bath caulk and put the frame and rails back on the base. Now secure them secure them in place by drilling in the screws that came with the glass shower doors. Now you can take a little break for the caulk to dry.

Step 2 – Putting On the Doors

With the person you enlisted to help you, set one of the side glass partition in place. Drill in the screws that came with it into the side rails and the bottom. Repeat the prior steps with the other side glass partition. With aligning up the holes for the top cap, screw it in place with the screws provided. There will be plastic bushing on on the rail on the bottom. This is normal. That is the place that the pin that keeps the door in place gets installed. Now insert the pin. While sliding the door down over the pin, hold the top end of the door in place using the second pin, sliding it through the cap on top and into the top of the door in the hole. On the outside of the side rails and base track caulk again. Before you can use your shower make sure you wait and let the silicone dry all the way.

Step 3 – Testing the New Glass Shower Doors

Now you will want to test for leaks. Turn your shower water on and make sure there are no leaks and the water stays in. If not, use some more caulk. If there are no leaks it's time to clean the glass doors. Take some glass cleaner and clean the doors well.