Installing Granite Overlay Countertops

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There is not much difference between installing granite overlay countertops and granite tile countertops. The basic difference lies with the material you are installing. Tiles are convenient to handle in comparison to granite slabs which can be very heavy.

Safety first before installing granite overlay countertops

Before you proceed with installing granite overlay countertops it is good to keep the following safety measures in mind.

Wear latex gloves when handling caustic materials like grout.
Wear protective eye gear and a face mask when using power tools.

Things to keep in mind while installing granite overlay countertops

Granite must be properly sealed before it is installed.
Granite is a hard substance but can get scratched and stained.
Grout is very difficult to remove from porous natural stone if it is not sealed.
Check the faucet holes in the sink and buy a faucet that will fit.

Step by step instructions for installing granite overlay countertops

Apply adhesive to the tops of the cabinet. It helps if you can put a cement backer board or even a ply as an underlay. A pre-cut underlay can be fixed easily by applying adhesive to the cabinet and pressing firmly.

The next step in installing granite overlay countertops will again require more than one person. Slide the large piece into position.

After applying epoxy adhesive on its top, press the new sink underneath the granite countertop using a flat bar and clamps.

You will have to drill a hole in any granite overlay countertops that you are installing for a new faucet. You will require a special cutting bit for it.

Install the smaller parts of the granite overlay countertop in their respective places.

The next step is to the backsplash tiles if required.

Start from the middle of the wall and work outwardly.

Apply thinset onto a section of the wall with a notched trowel.

Press the tile onto the thinset.

Press thin pieces of cardboard in between the seams to keep them in place.

Rub grout into the spaces between tiles with a rubber trowel and wipe clean.

Be sure to spray a protective granite sealant over the countertop. You can now congratulate yourself for having successfully installing a granite overlay countertop.