Installing Gutter Hangers: 3 Tips

Gutter hangers secure gutter systems to roof eaves of the house. Hangers are responsible for making gutters function properly and also determine their durability. Here are few easy tips for gutter hanger installation.

Tip 1 - Screwing Hangers

For setting up the hangers on to the gutters, you can secure them using deck screws. Start placing the first hanger at a distance of an inch from the end of the home roof. Make sure that the last screw to be placed is also positioned at the same distance from the other end of the home roof. Leave a minimum gap of 25 inches between every screw you insert on the hangers.

Tip 2 - Attaching

While placing a new hanger, make sure that it is attached to the upper lip of the gutter. The gutter hangers must be set firmly by pressing the gutter very close to the wall facet. After the first hanger end is secured, drill a hole by piercing through the hanger underside and then screw the free end of the gutter hanger into the roof fascia.

Tip 3 - Hanger Space

If you reside in an area that is cold, the hangers installed must have more spaces between them. For warmer climes, hangers may be spaced very close to the centre of the gutter.