Installing Hanging Plant Stands Securely

What You'll Need
Metal plant hook
Stud finder
Wood screws
Electric drill
Screwdriver bit
Tape measure
Your choice of plant

Hanging plant stands are a great addition to any home either indoors or outdoors. Using hanging plant stands can help protect flowers from harmful pests and add color to landscaping. A simple shepherds hook can be driven into the ground almost anywhere on your property and your plants can hang as high as six feet off the ground. Another method is to hang the potted plant on the side of the home. Make sure it is secure so as to prevent damage.

Step 1 - Purchase Materials

There are many types of hanging plant stands. Some come on carts that can be moved around. Others can be hooks that are about a foot long and can be attached to the exterior wall of your home. These types of hanging plant stands are versatile, as they can be placed almost anywhere. They are made out of metal and are securely fastened to your home with the use of wood screws. Most importantly, you can use more than one of these as well. It is often best to use them on the corners of your home, as that is where the interiors studs are thickest.

Step 2 - Find a Stud

This step is critical because you need a solid wall stud to securely anchor the hook. Without this, you will risk the plant hook tearing out of the wall, damaging both the plant and the exterior of the house. Use the stud finder to locate the stud behind the exterior wall. Corners provide an ideal place for a plant hanger as this is where the thickest wall studs are found.

Step 3 - Measure

The hook that you will attach to the wall will likely have holes pre-drilled for the screws. Use the tape measure and pencil to mark on the wall where these holes will line up. They should go directly over where the studs you located in step 2 are.

Step 4 - Place the Hook

Attach the hook to the wall by lining up the holes with the marks you made. Then drill the wood screws directly into the wall. A properly anchored hook will use at least three screws, and they should be flush with the metal when finished.

Step 5 - Hang the Plant

Now that the hook is firmly attached to your home, simply hang the plant from your newly installed hanging plant stand. Since you already know where the studs are now, you can easily attach another hook either above or below the one installed. Simply repeat the process where needed around the exterior of your home.