Installing Lacquered Wood Countertops In the Kitchen Installing Lacquered Wood Countertops In the Kitchen

Lacquered wood countertops give an exclusive look and feel to an elegant kitchen. Wood is a warm and inviting surface in a kitchen, and the versatility of wood means that they can be shaped and fitted to any configuration.

However, wood is not very durable, is susceptible to moisture, and can easily crack or suffer damage from knives and environmental conditions. This means lacquered wood countertops should not be used near the sink or in areas that get a lot of heavy food preparation use. They are a decorative surface, and you may want to install granite or another more durable surface in the heavily used, damper areas of the kitchen.

Materials Needed

•Wood countertop
•Hand or power saw
•Measuring tape
•Slotted brackets for countertop installation
•Drill with bit for pilot holes

Step One – Measuring

If your lacquered wood countertop did not come premade to order, you will need to measure and cut it to size. If it did come premade, you can skip this step.

Lay the countertop over the base cabinets, leaving a 1/8” gap between the counter and the back wall and a slightly smaller gap between the counter and a side wall or a cabinet. These gaps allow for the natural expansion and contraction of wood during seasonal temperature and humidity changes.

Measure from the edge of the bottom cabinet, leaving a ½” overhang. Use a pencil to mark on the finished side if using a hand saw, on the unfinished side if using a power saw. Remove counter top from cabinets, and place on sawhorse. Use a straight edge to continue the line.

If the countertops must install in an “L” shape, remember that they must have a butt joint. Do not attempt a miter cut joint.

Step Two – Cut the Countertop

To use a handsaw, tape along the line you drew. Use a saw with fine teeth to get the best control. If using a power circular saw, clamp a straight wood guide along the cutting line and cut.

Step Three – Connect Countertop Pieces

If you have premade countertops, you should begin the process at this step.

Any countertops pieces that need to be joined should be connected with the provided connectors and two beads of acid free silicone adhesive. The connectors allow for wood expansion and will help prevent cracking in the countertop.

Step Four – Attach Countertop to Cabinets

Attach countertop on the front (free) edge, in the middle, and at the back edge. Along the run of the lacquered wood countertop, attach the countertop every 12 inches.

Along the fixed edge of the countertop, use a 3/16” pilot hole, and along the middle and front or free edge of the countertop, use a 3/8” pilot home to allow for expansion and contraction.

Always predrill holes for the screws through the cabinets and into the countertop.

If the cabinets on which the countertop rests does not have a solid top, then use 90 degree angle brackets to secure the cabinet to the countertop. Place these brackets at the same front, middle and back locations.

After drilling the pilot holes, screw the countertop to the cabinet using wood screws with washers. The screw should extend into the countertop enough to secure it but not so much that there is any evidence of the screws from the surface. The length of screw will vary slightly according to the thickness of the countertop, and will be suggested by the manufacturer.


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