Installing Laminate Flooring Around Obstacles

Installing laminate flooring alters the look of your room in an instant. Not only does it make the décor look bright, it also is an easy-to-install option. The best part is that such flooring can be put up even when there are obstacles around the room in the form of pipes, poles and similar things. The right method combined with a bit of grit shall help you in installing the flooring in a matter of minutes.

Tools and Materials Needed:

• Measuring Tape
• Pencil
• Glue
• Saw

Step 1 – Measurements

See which of the things in the room are obstructing the floor. Using the measuring tape, do note the area or diameter of those things. See if any part coming out of the wall surface falls under the obstacle category. Next, take note of the distance you have to cut out on the laminate flooring when you place it over the existing floor. This step will allow you to know the exact point where drilling has to be done. Make marks on the laminate so that you know the places where drilling and sawing is required.

Step 2 – Obstructing Pipes

In case there are pipes obstructing the floor, drill holes on the laminate floor, in the areas where the pipes can sit. Make sure that the holes are at least 5/16 inches larger than the diameter of the pipes.

Step 3 – Cutting

Once the pipe holes are made, the floor must be fitted properly. You have to cut the flooring in places for fitting around the obstructing pipes. In case the hole drilled is near the corner of the piece of laminate flooring, the cuts have to be made on all sides of the flooring at 45-degree angles. Make sure that the hole reaches a point where the flooring can fit at the surrounding sides of the pipe. In case the drilled hole is at the middle part of the laminate flooring make straight cuts at right angles. Keep in mind that the cuts allow the flooring to set around the sides of the pipe. In short, you will have two laminate flooring pieces to fit around the obstructing pipes.

Step 4 – Other Obstacles

If the obstructions are very big like a pillar, you have to take two separate sheets of laminate flooring. Measure the dimensions on to the flooring pieces and make out the amount you need to cut. Here also you need to cut in a way that a few inches are extra, so that the flooring can comfortably sit around the obstacles. Drilling is not needed here.

Step 5 – Fitting Flooring

Fit the laminate piece on the area that is butting up to the obstacles. Tap on the piece firmly using a rubber mallet and a block so that it secures up snugly. Take the wooden flooring piece and apply glue evenly to the corners where the wood meets the remaining areas of the flooring. Push it into its place with your hands. Let it dry completely before you install the next piece of flooring. In case jambs on doors are obstructing the laminate flooring, you need to cut out small parts from the bottom portions and place flooring under that part.

Your laminate flooring will change the way your interiors look and that too, without much hassle!