Installing Metal Ceiling Tiles Step by Step Installing Metal Ceiling Tiles Step by Step

Installing metal ceiling tiles can add a decorative touch to any room, especially if restoring a classic home or imitating a particular style, such as Victorian. Follow these instructions for a successful do-it-yourself project.

Step 1—Select the Tile

Search for tiles that are decorative and colorful. A good way to save time instead of driving all over town is to search for tiles online, and then, once you’ve narrowed down your choices to a manageable few, find a local dealer that carries them.

They come in different materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and tin. Make sure you are making price comparisons “apples to apples.”

Take your ceiling measurements with you when you go to the store and select your ceiling tiles. The employees will be able to calculate how much tile you’ll need to complete the job. Always include a 10–15 percent buffer for waste and future repairs.

Tiles are typically constructed in two sizes: 24x24 inches or 24x48 inches. You can find them in 24x72-inch or 36x72-inch sizes, but these are designed for industrial settings and can be hard to fit into a residential one.

Step 2—Mark Ceiling

Use a chalk line to mark off four equal sections of the ceiling. Make sure the intersecting lines are at the center of the ceiling.

Step 3—Start at Center

Where the chalk line intersects, place one tile in each corner to begin your installation. You should have four tiles installed.

Step 4—Use a Nail Gun

Attach the tiles to the ceiling using a nail gun for easy application. Although T-shaped brads work best on a project like this, you may want to use decorative nails to add a little extra to the ceiling look. Either cut a regular tile to fill any gaps or use filler tiles for this purpose. Tiles can be cut to fit using a good pair of tin snips.

Make sure, when nailing each tile in place, that you have them aligned properly. Work as close to the ceiling as possible for maximum accuracy. Avoid extending your arms way above your head by not trying to hold a tile in place and nail it at the same time. If possible, work in a two-person team in which one holds and one nails.

Tips to Remember

Many times, when metal ceiling tiles are shipped, each individual tile is covered by a protective film. Make sure to remove this before installation. Finally, always wear safety goggles when using power tools or nail guns.

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