Installing Metal Lawn Edging: Mistakes to Avoid

Installing metal lawn edging can add an artistic flare to your garden, and can highlight it to make it stand out. However, there are some things that you need to take note of, before you proceed with the project. Installing it the right way will maximize your time and effort, not to mention make your lawn more attractive.

Misaligned Edging

This mistake not only makes your edging lousy, but it can also cause soil and dirt to transfer to the other side of the edging. This will therefore make your lawn look dirty and messy.

Exposed Stakes

The stakes that hold your metal lawn edging in place may pose a hazard, if they are not attended to. It also gives the impression of an unfinished project, making people think that you were not dedicated enough to see it all the way through.

Gaps between Edgings

Like the first mistake mentioned above, gaps between edgings will allow soil and dirt to transfer to the other side, creating a messy look. Be sure to use same sized metal edgings, so they line up properly.

Angled Curves

When you’re installing your edging, make sure that the curves are smooth, and have no awkward bends, since this negates the beauty of the design you are trying to achieve. The metal lawn edging should be able to hug the contours of your lawn or garden, to make it aesthetically pleasing.