Installing Metal Roof Shingles Installing Metal Roof Shingles

As an alternative to the usual asphalt, metal roof shingles will add a different kind of look to the roof of your home. Metal shingles come in a wide variety of different color and shapes. They are made to last a long time and are pressed to look like any other kind of shingle. They are incredibly convenient in the northern areas as snow and ice do not stick the metal and slide off. This makes shoveling the roof unnecessary.

Materials Needed
•Metal Roof Shingles
•Metal Roof Screws
•Roof Felt
•Tape Measure
•Circular Saw With Metal Blade
•Tin Snips
•Roof Cement

Step One - Measure for Metal Shingles

To order the metal roof shingles you will need to measure for the square footage of the roof. Measure the width and the height of the roof and multiply them together. For instance, if you have a 20 foot wide by 50 foot long roof you would have 1,000 square feet. Metal roofing shingles are sold in squares of 100 square feet each. For this roof you would need 10 squares. Also, add about 15% more for mistakes and you can begin shingling your roof.

Step Two - Remove Old Shingles

With roof forks and prybars, spend some time taking off the old shingles. You can lay the new metal shingles over the old ones, but if you suspect any water damage to the roof, then this is the time to fix it. After removing all the old shingles, fix any problems there might be. Make sure that all the nails have been pried out of the roof and that the sheathing is in good shape.

Step Three - Lay Down Roof Felt
Before laying down any metal roof shingles, lay down a layer of roofing paper. Roll it out the length of the roof starting at the bottom and working your way up. Overlap the roofing paper by about 1/2 inch and staple to the roof sheathing.

Step Four - Install Metal Roof Shingles
You install metal roof shingles in the opposite order that you would asphalt shingles. You start with the first row of shingles at the top and then work your way down. Make sure to install a metal flashing on the cap and then the ridge cap. Lay down the first row of shingles the entire length of the roof. Fasten this row with the special screws that is recommended to metal roofing. They have a very sharp point and a rubber washer just under the screw head.

After the first row is completed, you begin to work your way down to the bottom. Cut one shingle in half to start the second row. After that you should be staggering each row so that the seams do no line up. The second row is slid under the first row and they lock into a channel. You can then fasten it to the roof with the metal roof screws.

Step Five - Finishing
Most manufacturers will have their own end caps and drip edges to use for the sides and edging of the roof system. These should be installed after all the metal roof shingles have been completed.

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