Installing New Wood Siding Shingles Installing New Wood Siding Shingles

What You'll Need
Wood shingles
Tape measure
Galvanized nails
Nail gun
Siding underlay sheets

Installing wood siding shingles is not an overly difficult task, and you could try accomplishing it yourself, rather than having to hire a professional. Here are the basic steps involved in the process.

Step 1 - Acquire the Wood Siding Shingles and the Other Tools

Measure the area of the outer walls of your house, so as to get a clearer idea of how many wood siding shingles you will be needing. Then, acquire good quality shingles, and some extra ones to store away for future replacement needs.

Step 2 - Nailing the Siding Underlay Sheet

Start nailing the sheet of siding underlay onto the walls. This will serve as a foundation for the wood siding shingles. Use enough nails to attach it securely.

Step 3 - Nailing the Wood Siding Shingles

When done, you can start nailing the wood siding shingles. Always start at the bottom part of the wall, and move your way upwards slowly and carefully. Try to move linearly so as to achieve neat results. Do not leave gaps in between one shingle and another, as water will end up accumulating inside and cause problems to the wood, such as cracking and deteriorating. Make sure to use galvanized nails. Using a nail gun may facilitate your work substantially. In the process you may need to cut some shingles to accommodate them in smaller areas of the walls, such as around doors and windows, and in corners. In these instances make sure to measure carefully and cut as accurately as possible with a saw.

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