Installing Plant Stands into Walls

What You'll Need
Drill (optional/situational)
Wall-mounting kit (optional/situational)
Safety goggles
Extension cord (optional/situational)
Screwdriver (optional/situational)
Screws (optional/situational)
Screw leaders (optional/situational)
Wall-mounting brackets (optional/situational)
Stud finder (optional)

If you’ve ever mounted anything to a wall, you shouldn’t have any problems installing the plant stands that you would like wall mounted. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but once you start on it you’ll begin to notice that it is just like any other wall mounting operation.

Step 1 – Determine Installation Method

There are two ways in which you can pursue the installation of plant stands into walls. The first is when the plant stand comes with a wall-mounting kit in which case you’ll be using the materials that came with the kit for the majority of the installation. The second is when the plant stand is stand-alone in which case you’ll need to improvise a method for installing the stand into the wall. In the case of the former, you will already have a provided instruction guide for the wall installation in which case you should follow it. In the case of the latter, you can continue with the following steps.

Step 2 – Determine Location of Installation

Before you can actually begin the installation, you need to figure out where you want the plant stand. In most cases, you’ll want the plant stand to be next to a window that can provide the entire stand surface with sunlight. If you are growing plants that need to be in partial shade, you might either need to move the location of the plant stand or alternatively buy a multi-tiered plant stand where the lower levels are in partial shade from your desired position. Once you have found the position, use the stud finder (or your own manual stud finding methods) to mark the locations of the studs to which you will anchor the plant stand.


Step 3 – Prepare Surfaces

In order to join the plant stand to the wall, you need to prepare both surfaces. You have the choice of creating a hanging plant stand in which case all you need to do is attach hanging brackets to the plant stand. Alternatively, you can create a secure anchoring from which moving the plant stand will be much harder later. If you’d like to do this, attach wall brackets to the plant stand through the use of a drill, screw leader and screw. This will not be appropriate for particularly decorative plant stands, but then again those are not typically the type of stands that get permanently attached to walls either.


Step 4 – Attach Stand

Regardless of which method you chose to use in the previous step, now comes the time for attaching the plant stand to the wall. In the case of the hanging brackets, all you need to do is take the plant stand and hang it from the wall nails with the brackets. In the case of the anchored finish, you need to use the other half of the bracket with drills, screws and screw leaders to affix the stand to the wall.


Step 5 – End

Now that you have the plant stand on the wall, clean up, put away the tools and clean around the area to remove any debris that may have been created in the process. Congratulations, because you now have a wall-mounted plant stand ready to use.