Installing Recessed Solar Deck Lights

Solar deck lights can provide lighting to spots that are not naturally accessible to the normal lamps. Solar deck lights are preferred by a lot of people who want to improve their home lighting, but do not want to spend too much money on their electric bill. This particular light runs by harnessing the power of sunlight. If you want to install solar deck lights to your home, here are the things that you need for this simple DIY weekend project.

Tools and Materials

  • Solar deck light kits
  • Drill bit
  • Tape measure
  • Draft paper
  • Pencil

Step 1 - Sketch a Plan

Sketch where you want to put the recessed deck lights in your deck. You can install the deck lights along the entire length of the deck to add a dramatic look on the entire structure, or you can put them along the stairs to add more lighting on the steps. When you plan the areas where you are going to install the deck lights, it is important that you place them where they will receive enough sunlight during the day. Mark the areas where you want to install the deck lights and use a tape measure to check that the distance of the solar deck lights are equidistant with one another.

Step 2 - Cut the Deck Floor

Using a drill bit, make holes in the areas or spots where you want to install the lights. Make sure that the holes are big enough to insert the solar deck light properly. Do this on all the spots where you want to install your deck lights.

Step 3 - Install the Solar Deck Lights

Place one deck light in every hole that you have made on your deck. Since the solar deck lights run on power from the sun, it does not need to be connected to the rest of your home’s electrical circuit. Each deck light comes with a solar panel and a 700ma high capacity battery that captures and stores the sun’s energy. The deck lights are designed in a way that the lights, solar panels and battery are already incorporated in one bulb. This saves you the trouble of hooking the lights to any wires to power them up.

Step 4 - Test the Lights

Various deck lights turn off or on using different methods. It is important that you check the manual that comes with the packaging of the deck lights so that you will know how to turn them on to illuminate your deck. Your deck light's longevity depends on the amount of power that they were able to harness, so you might notice that some lights do not last as long as others.