Installing Replacement Basement Windows

A basement window looking out onto a lawn.
  • 2-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 150-300
What You'll Need
Replacement basement window
Measuring tape
Cleaning supplies

When remodeling your basement, you can save money by installing replacement basement windows yourself. It’s not a difficult to install replacement basement windows yourself if the framing already exists. Here is a step-by-step guide on installing them yourself. You will need to have someone there to help you with a few of these steps.

Step 1 — Measure the Windows

Measure the windows. Take the measurements to the store to ensure you get replacements that will fit properly.

Step 2 — Remove the Old Window

Remove the old window.

Step 3 — Clean the Area

Next, you want to clean around the area where the new window is going. Use a dry brush or a towel to wipe away the debris before you start the task of installing replacement basement windows.

Step 4 — Install the New Molding

Now place the new molding around the window opening inside.

Step 5 — Ensure the Window Fits

You then want to push in the new replacement basement windows from the outside and into place. Have someone on the inside to ensure it does not fall through on the other side. Don’t panic when you notice a small ½ inch gap around the molding as well as window. This will be fixed later.

Step 6 — Caulking

Once you know the replacement basement window fits properly, you want to take it back out and start caulking. Follow the window directions at this point to figure out where you need to place the caulk.

Step 7 — Install the New Window

After the caulk is placed in the areas necessary, put the window back in the frame. If you need to level your replacement basement windows, you can use shims at this point.

Step 8 — Screw it Into Place

Once the window is back in its location, place the screws where necessary. This will be determined by the model and make of the replacement basement windows you are installing. Finish the installation, place caulking around the outside of the window to make sure that it is sealed properly. This will prevent any air or water leaks.

Installing replacement basement windows is not a difficult task as long as you have someone there to help you remove the old window and install the new. Not only did you save money by doing the work yourself, but you will now save money on your utilities!