Installing Retractable Door Screens for Outswing Double Doors Installing Retractable Door Screens for Outswing Double Doors

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Hacksaw (optional)
Miter saw (optional)
End cap
Screen assembly
Plastic plug
Flat head screwdriver
Latch bar

Retractable door screens are popularly useful and handy devices used to open out swing double doors as they offer convenience, flexibility and increase the aesthetic appearance too. They not only keep possible insects and dirt out of your house but also block sun rays under harsh climatic conditions and effectively eradicate the necessity of building storm doors. Installing retractable door screens for out swing double doors is a fairly easy project that you can accomplish within a day without any professional assistance. Using the tools and materials mentioned below, as per the steps explained, you can go about your task with little difficulty.

Step 1 - Determine the Measurements Accurately

Using a tape measure, determine the height of your door from the right as well as the left side recording the smallest possible measurements. For accuracy purposes, deduct 5/8 inch from your calculated height. Now, determine the width of the door and deduct about 3/4 inches from your deduced measurement. If the dimensions don’t follow up your specific preferences, you might consider cutting the screen down using a hacksaw or a miter saw in order to attain the exact specifications you require.

Step 2 - Position the Components

Before you proceed forward it is important to understand the dimensions and usage of the components to be attached. In effect, your door would require an end cap which is accompanied with a screen assembly and a cassette which is the part where the screen is rolled in and pulled out from.  Once the measurements have been taken, place the end cap into your cassette and hammer the cap followed by a flat-head screw as such that it sits firmly over the cassette’s opening. Proceed by putting a plastic plug which is relatively small in size on the other respective end cap so as to fill the cavity. Position it in with the help of a hammer and a flat head screw.

Step 3 - Insert the Handles

Continue your project by mounting up the handles that compliment the screen to the respective pull bar. See to it that the bigger handles goes towards the screens outside whereas the smaller one goes towards the inside. Once positioned appropriately, fit in the handle into the pull bar’s groove and glide the mounting brackets into each respective sides of the cassette’s grooves.

Step 4 - Place and fix the Components

Place the screen cassette on both sides (inside and outside) of the door and using 2 screws and a flat head screwdriver fasten the cassette firmly to the brick molding around. Proceed by sliding the respective track at the bottom of the door over the cassette’s end caps and repeat the same process on the top of the door too. Position the latch bar over the base and top tracks and this marks the end of your project.

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