Installing Rubber Floor Covering Installing Rubber Floor Covering

What You'll Need
Rubber floor covering
Double-sided waterproof tape
Tape measure
Straight edge
Utility knife
Rubber mallet
Chalk line

Rubber floor covering can transform a garage. It makes it into an area where the kids can play without any worries of falling. When you park your car there it’s a skid-free area, so you have no fears of slipping. It’s not difficult to install rubber flooring and it doesn’t take any special tools or skill. You should be able to install a rubber floor covering quickly.

Step 1 - Cleaning

Before laying the rubber floor covering you’ll need to empty everything out of the garage and give the floor a thorough cleaning. Make sure you remove all the dust and debris from the floor. If there are any cracks in the concrete, you should fill them and allow them to dry.

Step 2 - Selecting the Flooring

You can buy rolls of rubber floor covering up to 70 feet long and in different widths, ranging from 7 ½ feet wide to 10 feet wide. Choose which is best for you. After you bring it home, unroll it and lay it outside. Giving it this chance to breathe will mean you won’t have to worry about expansion when you install it. You’ll also lose most of that rubber smell.

Step 3 - Laying Out

Once you’re ready to start installing the rubber floor covering begin by roll it back up. To lay it, begin in the center of the garage at the point where the door meets the concrete. Roll out one section to the back of the garage, then cut it at the point it meets the back wall. Repeat on either side of the first strip. The rubber should overlap by about 6 inches overlap on each side. Ensure that any pattern that’s repeated on the pieces lines up properly. Keep laying strips to each side, with the overlaps. When you reach the sides of the garage, trim the edges to give a good fit against the bottom of the walls.

Step 4 - Securing

Now you have to secure the rubber floor covering to the floor. Double-sided tape that's waterproof is the best substance to use-waterproof is important. Start by putting tape on tape to the underside of the top section. That will secure it to the roll under it and the tape will also be invisible. There's only one point where you'll tape the rubber floor covering to the concrete floor, and that's at the very front of the garage. Doing it like this will allow the rubber floor covering to expand and contract easily.

Step 5 - Front of the Garage

There’s a technique for putting the tape on the concrete floor at the front of the garage. Use a chalk line to mark the garage threshold, then run the double-sided tape along the concrete. Press down on the rubber floor covering to secure it in place. After that, take a rubber mallet and use it to make the rubber floor covering stick firmly to the tape.

Step 6 - Finishing

To finish, go around and cut off any excess of the rubber floor covering around posts and in corners. Press down at the edges to eliminate any air pockets.

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