Installing Rubber Lawn Edging: 4 Tips Installing Rubber Lawn Edging: 4 Tips

Lawn edging is an effective way to control the growth of weeds and grass. The neat appearance of the landscaping will enhance the overall appeal of the lawn or garden. Rubber lawn edging is commonly used because it is relatively inexpensive. Here are a few tips you should take into consideration when installing rubber lawn edging.

Tip 1: Prepare the Soil

Start by preparing the soil. Loosening the soil will facilitate your work. If the soil is hard, wet it so that the soil is slightly moist.

Tip 2: Digging

Dig a few inches to allow space for the edging to be installed. Do not throw away the dirt you remove because you will use it later to fill any gaps after the edging has been installed.

Tip 3: The Edging Stakes

Use edging stakes every few inches. Place the first stake at one end of the edging, and then keep adding stakes until you reach the other end. This will help to provide a neater, linear result. For additional guidance you can also tie a string from the first stake and keep extending it by tieing it up at the subsequent stakes.

Tip 4: The Best Season

The best season to install lawn edging is usually just before springtime in order to avoid disruption to the other plants or flowers.

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