Installing Rubberized Playground Flooring

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Craft knife
Rubber mats
Glue or sticky tape

If you want a tough yet soft playground for children, then installing rubberized playground flooring is one of the best things that you can do. The rubber flooring will allow them to throw themselves about, as children do, without coming to harm if they fall. This is the best of both worlds, as they are strong and yet durable. While it has been popularly used in gyms and sports facilities for many years, it has now become more common among the general public, as they recognize its qualities. In order to install this product, you will need some household tools, some spare time, and a few simple guidelines to follow.

Step 1 - Measure your Playground

Before you can begin installing the mats, you need to be able to measure the length and width of the playground flooring. This will give you a good idea of how many rubber mats you will need to completely cover the floor. Measure carefully, and then take a note of this length to the store that stocks the rubber mats. You may also decide to take the tape measure so that you can calculate the size of each mat. This should allow you to work out exactly how many mats you need. Don't be afraid to cut some mats in half to completely fill the room, and also remember that you will need some extra, just in face of mistakes.

Step 2 - Clean the Floor

When you are ready to start laying the rubberized playground flooring, you should begin with a good sweep. Clear out any stones, twigs, lumps of dirt or wrappers which are laying on the floor, and try to ensure that it is as clear as you can make it. This will help you to lay the mats down flat, and avoid there being bits underneath which could compromise the safety of the playground flooring.

Step 3 - Lay the Mats

Put all of your rubber mats against the wall nearest the door. Pick up one mat, and your glue, and cover the former with the latter. Lay it against the far corner of the room. You should then take the next, and repeat until you come close to the opposite side of the room. You can then measure your mat, and cut it down to the size required.

Step 4 - Laying Jigsaw Mats

Some rubber mats come in the form of jigsaw pieces, meaning that you can lay one flat, and then add the next mat directly onto it. These mats form a tight seal, and if you are using these, glue will not be necessary, although it is a good idea to stick down the tiles on the side nearest the door, so that they cannot be rucked up by children. You could also seal it using a piece of double-sided flooring.