Installing Security Storm Doors

Security storm doors combine the benefits of a storm door with those of a security door. They are durable and resistant to the elements and are also strong enough to withstand severe storms. They are great at keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter by preventing the escape of air. Security storm doors are typically installed over the main entrance door. You can find some security storm doors that can take the place of the main door, but these are more expensive and require more work to install. This article will share some valuable information that will aid you when installing as well as when purchasing security storm doors.

Choosing Security Storm Doors

Prior to installing security storm doors, you need to decide on the type of door you need in relation to the budget you have in mind. Security storm doors are very basic in how they are made. They consist of two metal pieces with a solid section between them. This middle section can be wood or a solid piece of foam. The cost of security storm doors can vary greatly between styles. Security storm doors can be outfitted with decorative iron accents and stainless steel hardware. Those features are purely aesthetic. The construction of embellished and regular security storm doors is virtually the same.

Accurate Measurements

When purchasing security storm doors, you need to know the measurements of your door. If you get a door that is not tall enough, you will not properly seal the doorway. If the door is too tall, then you will not be able to install the door at all. The same thing applies to the width of the door. Use a tape measure to get an accurate measurement of the doorway where the security storm door will be installed. You need to take the measurements between the frames. Never measure just once but take the measurements several times to be sure they are accurate.

Dry Run

Security storm doors should never feel loose or have gaps. This would defeat their purpose. Even if you measured 100 times, you could still be off slightly. Always place the door without fastening it so you can judge the distance accurately. Security storm doors are relatively light, so you can hold them in place with one hand while measuring any differences in size.

Pilot Holes

Not all security storm doors come with holes already drilled in them for the hardware. Use the hinges as a guide to making drill marks and then use a suitable drill with a bit meant to drill through metal. Trying to attach the door using screws without pilot holes can ruin the door.

Galvanized Steel

When you are installing this type of door, it's important that the hardware be as sturdy if not sturdier than the door itself. Using aluminum hinges and basic screws will not do the trick. Use only galvanized steel for hinges and screws. They will not rust and are very sturdy. They will only aid in the strength of security storm doors.