How to Install Shower Benches

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What You'll Need
2x4-inch lumber
PVC pan liner
1.5-inch tile backerboard

Installing shower benches is among the many things you can do to remodel your shower. You can install a shower bench both for sitting and providing better stability. Installing shower benches is a relatively easy and inexpensive project that can be completed in a single weekend. Follow these steps to install shower benches.

Step 1 - Design and Build Shower Enclosure

First build the shower enclosure. You must determine the shape, size, height, and location of the bench. You must also determine the height of the mortar bed for the bench. The mortar bed's height should be added to the desired finished height of the bench. To get the best results, always take accurate measurements.

Step 2 - Frame the Bench

When framing the bench, include a slight slope to allow water to run off cleanly. Remove .75-inches from the frame height, then deduct an additional .5-inched from the framed height to accommodate the backerboard.

Step 3 - Install Plywood Top

Once the bench has been properly framed, install the plywood rough top. Once the rough top has been added, install the pan liner and moisture proofing along the bottom of the shower pan. The shower pan liner should be installed along the top of the bench.

Step 4 - Install the Backerboard

The final step is to install the tile backerboard throughout the shower, prepping the entire shower for tile. Begin to install the tile backerboard at the bottom and work upward. HIgher pieces should overlap lower pieces.