How to Install Shower Curtain Grommets

shower curtain
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-30
What You'll Need
12 grommets
Grommet disk
Washer setting tool
Rubber mallet

Shower curtain grommets are 2-piece metal rings that, when put around the holes in your shower curtain, reinforce them, reducing strain, rips and tears. Grommets help your curtain last through everyday use and removal for washing. Here's how to install these grommets quickly and easily on a vinyl curtain or a plastic curtain.

Step 1 - Supplies and Tools

You will need at least 12 grommets for a regular shower curtain, scissors, a grommet disk, a washer setting tool and a rubber mallet. Buy the grommet disk and setting tool in a kit when you purchase the grommets.

Step 2 - Select the Correct Size Grommets

The standard shower curtain's top holes are .5-inches in diameter. Purchase grommets slightly larger than this size. You can enlarge the curtain holes by snipping a small cut with scissors away from the top edge of the curtain.

Step 3 - Prepare Your Workspace

Work in a large clear space like a countertop or table, that will not dent or crack under pressure. Check all grommets you want to use. You need to have a large grommet that will have a rounded top, and a flat washer disk for each grommet you want to attach. Be sure all pieces are in proper condition and that all the grommet teeth are pointing outward from the center. Have the grommet disk, washer setting tool, and rubber mallet ready to use.

Step 4 - Insert the First Grommet

This part of the grommet has small teeth on it to grasp the edge of the hole. Lay it on the grommet disk so the grommet fits into the disk groove at the top. Snip the shower curtain hole to fit the grommet; just a tiny cut should do. Don't make the cut too large or the grommet will fall out. Place your shower curtain hole on the grommet and push the grommet through the hole, so all the grommet teeth come through and overlap the edge of the hole.

Step 5 - Add the Grommet Washer

The washer is the thin flat metal circle that closes and secures the grommet. Place the washer on the grommet so it presses down on all the teeth. Push the washer into the curved outer edge of the grommet with the washer setting tool, ensuring that it is completely embedded.

Step 6 - Tap the Grommet and Washer With the Rubber Mallet

Lift the grommet from the grommet disk. Hold the curtain down firmly around the grommet with 1 hand. Tap the washer side hard twice with the mallet. Check that the washer and grommet are snugly joined. Keep your fingers out of the way of the mallet head when striking the grommet assembly. Swing smoothly, holding the mallet half-way up the handle. INstall the remaining grommets.

Step 8 - Hang the Shower Curtain

Slip the open shower curtain hooks over the shower rod. Put the hook stems through the grommets and fasten the hooks closed.