Installing Shutter Hinges

Shutter hinges are quite easy to install. There are different types of hinges according to how large and heavy the shutter is. This article, amongst other things, will share with you some tips and hints on how to install shutter hinges. Remember to consult a professional if you have any trouble in installing such materials, but as you will see, installing shutter hinges shouldn’t be a tough job to do.

Design and Price

There are a lot of different designs available, one more complicated than the other. The important thing is not to get confused by complicated designs, and just opt for simple but sturdy shutter hinges. Choose a design that complements your room or the theme of the house, whether outside or inside the house. As mentioned earlier, shutter hinges don’t involve a fancy installation method, so even if they have a rather complicated design, the installation method is always the same. Try to strike a balance between design and price because it is not advisable to spend a fortune on shutter hinges just because they are an unusually design.

Outside or Inside Shutter Hinges

If the shutter hinges are for outside purposes, then make sure to install weather resistant hinges, otherwise they won’t last very long (i.e. buy stainless steel shutter hinges). If you have mildew on your inside wall, it is advisable to install rust resistant shutter hinges, otherwise they could rust. Make sure to use stainless steel screws, or good hinges will be compromised by the rusty screws.  

Proper Installation

When installing shutter hinges, make sure to use a small drill bit for the holes because if you drill a bigger hole, then you risk having the screws insecurely installed, and the shutter hinges won’t be able to support the shutter's weight. The result of this may cause your hinges to break at any time. Also, make sure to be very careful when using a power drill on a wood shutter because you could damage it. If you have one, it is better to use a manual driller when working on wooden shutters.  

Aligning the Hinges

Make sure to align the hinges properly before drilling the holes. This is not only done for aesthetic reasons but also for better weight distribution. If the hinges aren’t aligned properly, they can break easily. An ideal way to align them is by using a spirit level.

Manufacture’s Instruction

If you are stuck, always consult the manufacturer’s instructions. The manufacturer’s instructions are very handy because they are often specific for that particular kind of job. Although very similar, the method used for installing shutter hinges on wood shutters is different from when you are installing hinges on metal shutters. To be safe, always take a look at the manufacture’s instruction.   

In order to install the shutter hinges properly, you have to follow these basic instructions and take some precaution. If the precautions are not taken, as a result, the shutters can be easily damaged.