Installing Snow Guards Safely

When installed safely on a steep roof, snow guards can prevent serious harm to your home from roof leaks and eaves trough damage. They can also stop snow over a doorway from forming dangerous icicles. Consult the tips below to install snow guards safely on your roof.

How Many Snow Guards Do You Need

Calculate the number of snow guards you need based on your roof's length and the steepness of the roof pitch. A 6/12 pitch is a 45-degree slant. This means the roof rises 6 feet for every 12 feet of length from the peak to the eaves. This roof pitch would need 3 staggered rows of snow guards, placed every 4 feet along the roof length. On a roof 18 feet high or more, add another row across the center of the roof. In areas that receive more than 3 feet of snow each winter, place snow guards only over doorway entrances.

How to Install Snow Guards

Fasten snow guards through the metal roofing into a roof beam. Use specially designed neoprene bolts, not metal, and attach washers at the bottom. Tighten the bolts until snug but avoid dimpling the metal roof covering. Seal around each bolt hole with long-lasting silicone sealant to prevent roof leakage.