Installing Solar Pond Pumps for Your Duck Pond

What You'll Need
Solar pond pump
Drill bits
Galvanized steel bolts
Galvanized steel nuts

Solar pond pumps are a great way to light a pond without worrying about difficult wiring. Solar pond pumps will also last longer than many other wired pond pumps. At the end of the day, solar pond pumps will also save you money in electric costs. Solar pond pumps can come in many sizes and styles that you can choose from. Each of these different pumps has pros and cons associated with them but installing solar pond pumps in a duck pond are slightly different. The article that follows below will explain how to install solar pond pumps in ponds that have a duck population.

Step 1 – Placement

Observe the pond at all times of the day. In order to make the best out of solar pond pumps you need to select an area that gets a lot of sun. The area also needs to be along the edge of the pond. This is very important as solar pond pumps need ample sunlight in order to maintain their power during the night. Once you have found the perfect place, mark it with a marker.

Step 2 – Prepare to Mount

Mounting solar pond pumps is not overly difficult but it can be tricky. You first have to determine if the pump you have is submersible or if it needs to be partially exposed to work. This determines how you prepare to mount the pump. Position the pump in the location that you chose and at the depth it needs to be in the water in order to properly function. Hold it in place while you mark the liner using the holes as a guide. Place the pump off to the side. With the marks made you can then create the holes in order to mount the pump. Use the drill and proper bit to create holes through the liner using the marker marks as a guide.

Step 3 – Installing Solar Pond Pumps

Putting the pump in the pond is now going to be a very easy job. Place the pump inside the pond and double check the holes to make sure they line up correctly. You will be using galvanized steel hardware as these pieces are difficult to rust. They also will maintain their strength through the years. Hold the pump in place and slide the galvanized steel bolts through the holes on the pump. The bolts will also wind up on the other side of the liner. The solar pond pumps need to be very tight up against the wall of the duck pond. Hold the pump close to liner and then carefully thread the nut on to the end of the bolt. Place 1 nut on each bolt and tighten them by hand. Use the ratchet to tighten the nuts further. It is important that solar pond pumps do not move, stop being in the sun or sink below the water when they are not meant to.