Installing Solid Bamboo Flooring Installing Solid Bamboo Flooring

What You'll Need
Bamboo flooring
Adhesive (if gluing down)
Nails (if nailing down)
Nail gun or hammer
Rubber mallet
Self-leveling compound
Circular saw
Dust pan
Tape measure

Installing solid bamboo flooring can provide you with a great flooring surface to live on. It is easy to maintain, looks beautiful, and feels solid underfoot. The process of installing solid bamboo is very similar to installing hardwood. If you have any experience with flooring, you should be able to install bamboo as well. Here are the basics of how to install solid bamboo flooring.

Step 1 - Measure the Room

You need to know how much bamboo to buy before you can start installation. Use your tape measure to get the length and the width of the room. Multiply the two dimensions to get the square footage. Multiply that number by 1.10 to get the amount that you need to buy. 

Step 2 - Acclimate the Bamboo

Since bamboo is a natural product it expands and contracts with the temperature and humidity. When you are installing it in your house, you need to bring it in prior to installation so that it can acclimate. This process takes about 1 to 2 days so that you can avoid any problems with the bamboo later on. 

Step 3 - Prepare the Room for Installation

To get ready for installation, you need to first prepare the room. Take out all of the furniture and anything else in the room. Pull the baseboards or quarter round around the edge of the room. Take up any flooring that is already installed in the room and remove it. 

Step 4 - Prepare the Floor

If you have a concrete sub floor, you may need to level it out a bit before you can install. Use self-leveling compound to level out the dips in the floor. If you are on a wood sub floor, make sure that the floor is in good shape. If it is not level, you may have to install plywood to give yourself a smooth surface to work with. When you have determined that the floor is level, sweep it out with the broom and dust pan. 

Step 5 - Lay the Floor

Start installing the floor in the corner of the room. If you are gluing down the floor, you will have to spread out some adhesive with the trowel. Then press the board down into the adhesive. If you are nailing the floor down, lay the board down on the wood sub floor and shoot nails diagonally down through the tongue. Keep laying boards vertically across the room like this.

Step 6 - Cutting the Boards to Fit

The last board in the row will have to be cut to fit in the room. Measure the distance of the gap and then cut the board with your saw to that dimension. Install the board and then move onto the next row. 

Step 7 - Stagger Each Row

Use the small piece left over from the cut to start the next row. Staggering the rows will make the floor look a lot better once you are done. 

Step 8 - Finishing the Job

Once you have all of the bamboo installed, put up your baseboards or quarter round around the perimeter. Move your furniture back into the room and you are free to enjoy your new floor. 


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