Installing Spanish Tile Roofing: 3 Tips Installing Spanish Tile Roofing: 3 Tips

Spanish tile roofing not only looks great but is also very durable and requires little maintenance. Here are 3 tips for when you are installing these beautiful tiles on your roof. 

1. Waterproofing

Don't forget to waterproof the roof before you lay your Spanish tile roofing or you could experience an inside rain shower! The Spanish tiles do overlap but water will still be able to get through small gaps and the last thing you want to do is have to rip out your Spanish tile, repair the roof, and lay the tiles again. 

2. Guidelines

Before you get your Spanish tile roofing up to the roof, you should think about marking some guidelines. This will be especially helpful if you've decided to install the tiles in a pattern. Equally, this will ensure that your tiles are installed in straight lines. 

3. Where to Start

Start laying your Spanish tile roofing at the edge of the roof, as the edge acts as a natural, straight line. Install an entire line of tiles along the roof and then go back to where you started and lay the second row. Do not install the tiles in anything else but horizontal lines or else your tiles will not be straight and may not interconnect properly.

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