Installing Stair Molding: Mistakes to Avoid Installing Stair Molding: Mistakes to Avoid

A stair molding completes the look along the staircase. Many designs and colors match with the type of stairway and the homeowner needs to choose wisely. The installation will produce the expected results if the choice of stair molding corresponds with the design of the rest of the area.

The Design

If the walls adjacent to the stairway are plain, it is inappropriate to use a sophisticated design for the moldings. They will appear like attachments and fall to achieve the initial purpose.

The Approach

If you want to use the stair step approach, the angles from one step to the next should have the same measurements. To avoid inconveniences of having some edges of the stair molding too deep into the stair gap, you can use the straight-line slope, which is an installation from the top to the bottom of the stairway in a straight line.

 Doing the Paint Job too Late

Paint the moldings before the installation process. If you do it after, the paint will smudge the rest of the area leaving a dirty unsightly appearance. In addition, if you paint the walls after you have installed the moldings, it will leave a line on top where the stair molding joins the wall.

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