Installing Steel Security Screen Doors

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Screw driver
Electric drill

Generally made from sturdy metal, steel security screen doors are designed to enhance the safety of homes and offices. Screen doors are well-crafted to keep trespassers or burglars from breaking into our private properties; at the same time, they are also stylishly designed so that dwellings don’t look awkward or unstylish. They are usually available at most home improvement stores, especially now that installing screen doors is more economical and efficient as compared to building fences and window bars. Installation of steel security screen doors is fairly quick and easy.

Step 1 - Choose a Security Door Design

Before going to the store, make sure to measure your door frame so that you’ll know exactly what to choose. It is also important to already have a design in mind on the steel door that will best suit the style of your home. If there is no exact size or matching design available, you can always request the home improvement store to make a customized one.

The steel door package usually comes equipped with all the materials needed for the installation. Always ask your local home improvement center to assist you in your purchase so that you’ll have all the necessary accessories in hand. If a lockset is not included in the package, be sure to buy one. Aside from the basic accessories, you will also need to have a tape measure, hacksaw, screw driver, and an electric drill ready.

Step 2 - Mount Accurately

Always read the instruction manual before starting the installation so that you won’t miss out on any procedure. Once done, you can start the mounting process by measuring the length of your door from the top inner border to the bottom inner border. You will need this measurement to be able to accurately cut the Z Bar that will attach the steel security screen door to your door frame. The Z bar is included in your purchased package. Cutting it to fit in your door can be done using a hacksaw.

Step 3 – Drill the Z Bar to Your Door Frame

After cutting the Z bar, have someone to help you fit and hold the steel door to your door frame. Make sure to position the door at an exact 90 degrees angle so that the Z bar will be in place. With an electric drill, fasten the hinges to the Z bar and to the molding. Keep a steady pressure on the drill so that the screws will go in properly.

Step 4 – Install the Header and Expander

The header piece should be positioned on top of the steel security screen door. Using a screwdriver put the screws in the pre-cut holes of the header piece. The header should be firmly attached before installing the expander.

The expander strip needs to be installed to prevent dirt and debris from gathering under your door. To set it up, open the screen door and use the electric drill to put the expander in place. Make sure that there is enough space between the expander and the base of the door frame. Try opening and closing the door to check the clearance. If your steel door opens easily without friction underneath, then the installation is complete and successful.