Installing Stone Veneer Wall Panels

A stone veneer is essentially used to create a look of stone without the expense of a completely stone wall. The installation of a stone veneer wall panel is rather simple to do and can be done by nearly anyone. Despite stone veneer wall panels being relatively easy to install there are some things that you must know in order to do it correctly. Installing a stone veneer wall panel incorrectly could be dangerous as they could come loose and fall. The article that follows will share with you several tips and information on how to properly install a stone veneer wall panel.

Keep the Walls

There is some thought you need to remove a wall in order to have a stone veneer installed. This is not the case because the veneer is meant to be placed on an existing wall. Do not go through the hassle and cost of ripping down a perfectly suitable wall to erect a new one to attach the stone veneer to.

Stone to Stone

When you're installing a stone veneer wall panel you need to install it to the correct surface. Many people think that you can place them on any flat surface but this is grossly inaccurate. Placing stone veneer on to plywood, particle board or some kind of plastic could be a mistake. A stone veneer wall panel is very heavy and installing it to a base wall that is held in place by screws or nails could cause the base to collapse. The only material that is suited to having a stone veneer wall panel installed to it is concrete or flat stone. Cinder blocks can also serve as a base wall.

Use the Right Adhesive

Construction adhesive is not a proper way to install a stone veneer even though it could work in theory and may work for a time. Since a stone veneer is meant to be installed to stone you need to use mortar to achieve proper adhesion. The mortar will bond to the wall panel and also grip to the stone wall you are installing it to. Mortar is specially formulated to this specific task. You can be rest assured that the stone veneer will stay in place many years to come.


You can build a stone veneer panel by installing individual flat stones to existing concrete instead of purchasing sheets that are already comprised of the stones. If this is the route that you plan to take then you will want to grout along the gaps. This will protect the wall behind the stones, keep the stones in place as well as provide a finished and professional look to the stone veneer wall.

Zoning and Codes

Depending on where you live there may be laws on the books that deal with building a stone veneer wall or installing a panel. It seems like a very simple project but a building permit may still be required. You can check the code on the web site of your state or township. You can also apply for a permit online and pay the fee via a credit card.