Installing Thermal Insulation Glass Installing Thermal Insulation Glass

What You'll Need
Thermal Insulation Glass
Pry Bar
Putty Knife
Window Putty

Thermal Insulation is a hot topic at the moment for anyone looking to save energy and money. Heating costs are increasing every single year which is why thermal glass is such a useful thing to consider. Thermal glass is designed to prevent heat loss during the winter, and prevent the house from getting too hot during the summer.

Installing thermal glass is actually very simple as long as you have the right tools and materials available. Thermal glass is available in a wide range of different sizes which makes it suitable for installation in the majority of window frames. Some thermal glass also has the advantage of being self cleaning which will make looking after the windows really simple.

Step 1 - Removing the Old Windows

If you had old windows in your home then you will first need to remove these before you will be able to fit new thermal insulation glass. Take a look at the frames and decide whether you want to replace the whole window frames or whether you want to simply replace the glass. Your decision may be made up for you if you have an old size of window frame which is not available in thermal glass.

Remove the glass by scraping out the putty and removing the fixings, or alternatively prying out the plastic retaining strip with PVC windows. If you want to remove the entire frame then use a pry bar to gently prize the frame out from the wall. It's unlikely you will be able to do this without causing any damage to the walls which is why you must take your time to do this carefully.

Once the old windows are removed the rest of the project is actually very simple and shouldn't take you very long to complete. Removing the window is the most difficult thing that you will need to do for this project.

Step 2 - Fixing new Frames

If you removed your original window frames then you will need to replace these with new ones. Measure the space for the window and install a new window by pacing it in the hole and fixing it in place with screws. Then caulking can be applied right the way around the windows to weatherproof and make them look neat.

Step 3 - Choosing Glass

Measure the size of glass that you require to fit in the windows, it's important that this is a snug fit to prevent any heat from escaping. The glass should be sold as thermal glass and will have a certain rating associated with it.

Step 4 - Fitting Glass

Thermal glass must be inserted into the window a certain way around. It has a coating on one side to prevent heat being gained from the sun or lost through radiation. You must ensure that it's installed the correct way around to get the best benefits.

Push the glass into the window frame and install the fixings or plastic retaining clips. Then either leave it as is or push window putty into the gaps to secure the thermal glass pane in place.

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