Installing Travertine Tile Flooring: 3 Tips

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When installing travertine, it is important to have a plan formulated in advance. By doing this, the installation of your tiles will go much more smoothly.

Plan The Room's Appearance

Not only should you figure out all of the materials you need, but you should also have a plan for the aesthetics of your floor for the best-looking results. You should decide on color, size, shape, and whether you want to have a complex pattern or a consistent color. You should also take color choice into consideration when choosing grout, as it comes in many colors.

Grouting Tile

When grouting your travertine tiles, you should always use sanded grout. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on mixing and applying, and be sure to clean off any grout that gets on your tiles as you go. While it is possible to remove dried grout from tiles, it is much more difficult than doing it while the grout is still wet and soft.

Sealing the Tiles

Sealing travertine is a very important step. Without a good seal, travertine is vulnerable to stains and etching from acid. Because of this, you should always pick a sealer designed specifically for travertine and use it appropriately. Expect to apply multiple coats, though this may vary depending on the brand you choose.