Installing Type B Vent Pipe

A type B vent pipe functions to remove potentially harmful gases and fumes that build up in a heating system by channeling them out of a room. When preparing to install a type B vent pipe, keep in mind that the pipe itself must be wider than the flue, and the pipe should extend into the flue by at least one foot.

How to Install Type B Vent Pipe

After selecting and purchasing the proper type B vent pipe, fit the end of the pipe into the draft hood flue by about 12 inches. Ensure that the opposite end of the pipe extends above the chimney by at least 2 feet in order to adequately disperse the excess fumes and gas. Fasten the pipe with metal screws and ensure that the horizontal portion of the pipe is pitched slightly toward the chimney. The vertical portion of the pipe should be suspended by pipe hangers or straps, as these help to ensure that the pipe does not break or sag over time.

All of the necessary components and tools involved with installing a type B vent pipe are available at a hardware or heating store in your area.