Installing Utility Shelves To Concrete Walls

To install utility shelves in concrete walls, you need wall anchors that are specifically designed for use with concrete. Are you dealing with solid concrete or hollow block concrete? Purchase the appropriate wall anchors or multi-use concrete wall anchors.

Step #1: Determine Needs

Your first step is to determine what things will be stored on your utility shelves, as this is going to impact how you hang them. The weight will determine the number of concrete wall anchors that you will to make sure the shelves are properly supported, preventing them from  pulling free of the wall or falling down.

Step #2: Choose Height and Length

Next, determine how tall and how long you want your utility shelves to be. Multiply the weight of the objects with the length and the height of the shelves to get a total weight amount that will be placed on each of the anchors.

Step #3: Determine Weight Load for Each Anchor

Look at the packaging for the concrete wall anchors you purchased, checking to see what the maximum weight limit is for each of them. How much can they safely support?

Step #4: Determine Number of Anchors

Divide the number of anchors that you have by the weight of your shelves to make sure that your anchors can support the total weight. You may need to add more anchors to meet your needs.

Step #5: Space Anchors

Space all of the wall anchors out evenly along the length of the shelves, taking care to make sure that the weight will be distributed evenly. Your packaging may include specifications on a minimum distance you should space the anchors.

Step #6: Drill

Drill holes into the concrete using a standard hammer drill so that your anchors can be inserted in the walls. The hammer drill uses a carbide tip that will quickly and effectively penetrate the concrete.

Step #7: Install Anchors

Install the concrete wall anchors and hang the utility shelves according to the manufacturer's instructions. Tighten the screws to properly release the anchors into the holes. This will ensure that you utility shelves are sturdy.