Installing Vinyl Railings Installing Vinyl Railings

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Vinyl support posts
Vinyl railings

Once you have your deck in place, then you might consider adding some vinyl railings to the sides. Vinyl is an attractive outdoor accessory which can easily make the space on your decking look much better. Vinyl railings are sometimes cheaper than expensive wood railings, and can be easily fitted by an amateur, so if you are looking for a suitable set of railings for your deck, then you should consider the vinyl railings first. These fittings are easily installed, and can be added to your deck in a matter of hours, using a few simple home improvement tools.

Step 1 - Measure up the Decking

In order to get the best fit for your decking, you will need to measure it up. Most vinyl railings come at a height of 36 or 42 inches, and you need to decide which of these heights will best suit your decking. You should measure the front of the deck, so that you know how much vinyl railing you will need, and you should also measure any steps, so that you can add balusters. You will need to mark out on the deck where each post needs to go, insuring that they are at least 12 inches apart. You don't want to have them too wide, and certainly they should be no more than a foot and a half apart. Once you have worked out how much of the vinyl railing you need, you can then purchase them from your local company.

Step 2 - Add your Vinyl Posts

Take your first support post, and place it against the wall of your building. Attach the brackets to the top of the rail, and then just above the bottom. Screw the brackets into the wall tightly. You should then make holes where each of the posts will go around your deck. Insert the next post, and screw it into the floor of your deck. Push the rail skirt over the top of the post, and around the edge of the decking. You should then add your vinyl cover, and secure that.

Step 4 - Add your Vinyl Railings

Once you have the first and second posts in position, take the rails for the top of the posts, and push them down into place. You should be able to feel the railings snap into place as you push them down. Repeat this for all of the posts as you proceed around the deck. Once you come to the stairs, you can then add the smaller posts along the runners, and fit the baluster railings over this.

Step 5 - Finishing Off

Once you have finished installing the vinyl rails, you can then go around and make sure that all of the railings are in place, and tightly secured to the deck. You may also want to add a layer of varnish or waterproofing in order to secure the rails against rain and snow.

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