Installing Vinyl Siding Accessories

Vinyl siding accessories include corner bead, gutter wrap, fascia boards, soffit panels, and window and door trim. Most often, these items are included in vinyl siding installation kits, although they can be purchased individually for replacement or completely new installation. Vinyl siding provides an excellent choice for home exteriors. It is a long-lasting material and needs little maintenance other than an occasional washing to remove accumulated dust and dirt.

Vinyl expands and contracts with changes in the weather temperature, so when nailing and anchoring it to the house, do not nail it tightly to the building. Instead, nail it so that it essentially hangs from the building, which will allow it to move and adjust as needed and not split or be damaged. In general, attempt to create a gap of approximately 1/32 inches between the head of the nail and the siding. Although it is not necessary to measure every nail, attempt to allow enough gap so that the siding accessories easily slide back and forth between the house and the siding.

Materials Needed

•Circular Saw
•Fine Tooth Saw Blade
•Tin Snips
•Measuring Tape
•Vinyl Siding Accessories
•Galvanized Nails

Step 1

Measure the side of the exterior eaves where you will be installing the soffit boards. Cut the boards to length with the tin snips or circular saw.

Step 2

Wrap soffit boards along the edge and along the underside of the house eaves with galvanized nails. Place nails in each of the provided predrilled slots along the soffit boards.

Step 3

When you reach the end of the soffit run, cut the end of the board at a 90 degree angle with either the tin snips or circular saw so that you have a clean joint point for the corner.

Step 4

To line the soffits on wide flat eaves, make miter cuts and use J-channel trim. Nail 2 lengths of J-channel back-to-back and place them on the soffit at a 45 degree angle. Do this at a corner so that you create a transition to the soffit panels. The cut ends should rest in the J-channel as they go in opposite directions from the J-channel.

Step 5

Remove the gutters so that you can install fascia boards that will run under the gutters. Hang the gutter and then wrap the exterior in flexible fascia boards.  Use as few nails as possible to hang the gutters so that the gutters are not damaged and will be able to carry water away from the house.

Step 6

Cut and attach window and door trim pieces. At the corners of the trim for the doors and windows, using a 45 degree miter cut.  

If the accessory kit came with corner caps for windows and door seams, attach these to the doors and windows with silicone adhesive.

If you do not have corner caps available, paint nail heads with exterior house paint to blend in with the siding.