Installing Vinyl Soffit And Facia

Vinyl soffit and facia have become extremely popular trim for many homes today, largely replacing other types of siding accessories. These items are very easy to install, provided you have the right basic tools and understand the relationship between the vinyl and the building.

Vinyl expands and contracts according to changes in temperature and weather. As a result, when installing vinyl soffit and facia, do not nail it tightly to the building, but instead allow for a gap of approximately 1/32 inch between the building and the vinyl. While it is not necessary to carefully measure each place where the vinyl is attached to the building, periodically check to make sure that the soffit and facia easy slide back and forth between the building.

Materials Needed

•Vinyl Soffit
•Vinyl Facia
•Power Drill
•Tin Snips or Circular Saw
•Galvanized Pop Rivets
•Rivet Gun

Step 1

Strip away and remove any existing soffit and F- or J-channel facia. In older houses, these are usually aluminum or wood. Detach the downspout from the rain gutter. The downspout attached to the wall should remain, although it will be necessary to drill through the pop rivet connecting the downspout to the gutter when the downspout is replaced. This will require a 1/8 inch drill bit.

Step 2

Place the J-channel against the wall and nail the long side of the channel to the underside of the soffit plywood. Place a nail approximately every 18 inches. If there is no soffit plywood present, nail the J-channel to the bottom side of the truss. Run the J-channel the entire length of the wall, not allowing any gaps.

Step 3

Cut the soffit pieces with tin snips or a circular saw. The soffit is installed perpendicular to the wall and as a result you will be cutting many short pieces of soffit based on the width of the overhang. Slide one end into the J-channel. Nail the far side of the soffit to the wood facia board with one nail to hold it in place. Use the provided slot to place the nail to prevent the soffit from being damaged.

Step 4

Using tin snips or a circular saw, cut the vinyl facia pieces slightly longer than the length needed to allow for trimming and shortening of the boards after the facia is installed if needed.

Step 5

Place the top of the facia under the drip edge between the shingles and roof plywood. Using the provided slots along the facia, nail at the top of the facia to allow the nail heads to be hidden after the gutters are reinstalled.

Step 6

Replace the gutters by nailing them back in place. Angle the gutters so that water will freely flow to the downspouts. If there are two downspouts at either end of the wall, angle both sides down toward the downspouts, starting from the highest point of the wall. Drill through the existing pop rivet to install a new nail to hang the downspout from the gutter. Use pop rivets and the rivet gun to reinstall the downspouts.