Installing Wainscoting around a Casement Window

Lead Image
  • 4-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 500-750
What You'll Need
Air nailer
2-inch nails
Wood putty
Sand paper
Quarter round trim piece
Jig saw
Miter saw
Tape measure

Installing wainscoting in a room is a great way to give it some character and formality. Wainscoting, which was once used to protect the bottoms of the walls, is now very common in a lot of homes. Living rooms, dens, home offices, dining rooms, and even finished basements have wainscoting as part of the overall decor. Installing wainscoting is a very straightforward process that does not require a lot of special tools or techniques. When it comes to installing wainscoting around casement windows, there are a few steps you need to take.

Step 1 - Measure Height from Floor to Window

Use a tape measure and find out the height from the floor to the window casing. If you are using sheets for your wainscoting, you will only need to do this once. If you are using planks, tongue and groove pine, or other smaller boards, you will need to do this for each new section.

Step 2 - Install Wainscoting around Window

When you work around a casement window you want to make sure that the wainscoting looks seamless around it. You can install the wainscoting up to the area around the window as you would anywhere else on the wall. Once you get to the window, you may have to cut some small notches in the wood to get a good fit. For example, if the corner of the window falls in the middle of your wainscoting piece, you can cut out a notch with the jig saw.

Step 3 - Cut Wainscoting for under Window

As you get to the window and continue working around it, you will need to cut the wainscoting pieces to size. Using the measurements that you took previously, cut out the wainscoting to fit. The miter saw is the perfect choice for cutting wainscoting planks to the right size. If you are using sheets of paneling, you may be able to cut out an entire piece for going around the window for a great seamless look.

Step 4 - Install Wainscoting

Line up the wainscoting around the casement window and install it with the nail gun. Place the nails in the grooves of the paneling, or in the tongue of the planks.

Step 5 - Install Quarter Round Trim

Once you have finished working around the window you will need to give the wainscoting a finished look with some trim pieces. Small quarter round trim has a great look to it and provides a wonderful transition from the wainscoting to the window. Measure each piece and cut them to size. You will need to use miter cuts for the trim pieces at 45-degree angles. Use a small finish nailer to secure the trim to the wainscoting.

Step 6 - Apply Wood Putty

Use some wood putty to fill in the nail holes on the trim pieces and the wainscoting. By doing this you will be able to have a great looking wall without a lot of nail holes showing. Press the putty into the holes and wait until it dries. Use sandpaper to sand each section smooth and apply paint or wood stain.