Installing Wall Lamps

What You'll Need
A marker pen
A high wooden stool (if lamp is to be fixed at a high level)
Dry wall anchors
Rubber mallet
Insulation tape

Using wall lamps is the best way to light up your homes and these help in adding a comfortable feel to your rooms. They can add beauty to any kind of room if installed in the right places or angles. Depending on your budget and taste, there are a wide range of lamps to choose from. The best part is that these can be installed very easily without even having to pay for an electrician. An easy step by step guide to installing them shall make you an expert at putting up those wall lamps you just purchased.

Step 1 - Selecting the Wall Lamp

Wall lamps come in a vast variety of shapes and power to select from. Choose a lamp according to its place of installation. While your bathroom may require a medium watt lamp, your night lamp might be low on power. After selecting the lamp, select the shade to frame it within. This must be done after keeping the décor of the house in mind. Your nearest electrical store shall have enough styles to choose from.

Step 2 - Locating the Installation Area and Power Source

It is advisable that you hire an electrician to check up the main wiring of your house. This involves a lot of risk and therefore it is better to seek professional help. Checking up and making a wired place for your wall lamp will not be much costly. After this has been performed, you can set things up on your own. Wear light clothes and do not forget to put on rubber slippers.

Step 3 - Testing the Connection

Make sure that the newly wired portion is properly allowing passage of current by using an electricity tester. If the tester glows, then you can proceed with work after switching off the main fuse for the time you work on installing the lamp.

Step 4 - Connecting the Wall Lamp to the Wires

Now take up the lamp to the location where it has to be set up. Keep it over the area so as not to lose track of the wiring. Use the marker to mark the points for mounting the lamp. Make a tiny hole using the nail on the part of the wall you marked and insert the dry wall anchors using the mallets. This will firmly hold the light shade in place. Make sure that the neutral and positive ends of the wires are attached to their own areas of the lamp fixture. Twist the wires and tape them with insulation tape at the ends.

 Step 5 - Final Installation Steps

Switch on the power supply and check if the lights are working properly. It should work if all the instructions are carefully followed. If not, check the wiring points and repeat step 4 after disconnecting the power source. Finally screw in the entire fixture so that the installation matches the picture printed on the lamp box. For this, use the screw driver and anchors you have.