Installing Wall Mount Speakers

What You'll Need
1/2 -inch paddle bit
Phillips head screwdriver
Drywall or keyhole saw
2 pair speaker wire
Magnetic chain
9V battery
Flexible stick magnet
Wire fishing pole
Low voltage cut-in box
Electrical tape
Speaker Mounts
Wall mounted speakers

Well mount speakers are the most popular form of speaker for home theater. They are less expensive than flush mounted speakers yet they generally produce better sound without taking up the valuable floor space that floor mounted speakers do.

Step 1: Determine the Locations

Pick the locations where you will be installing the speakers. Typically you will want to place the front left and right speakers approximately 4 to 6 feet on the left and right side of the television and 6 to 8 feet from the ground. The center speaker should be placed directly below or above the television. The rear speakers should be behind the seating and placed 2 to 4 feet on the left and right of the seating.

Step 2: Prepare to Run the Wire

Use a keyhole saw to notch out the drywall where the speakers will be mounted. Try to make the hole as small as possible so it will be hidden by the speaker when it is mounted. Use the keyhole saw the cut a hole the size of a low voltage cut-in box into the wall directly behind the receiver which the speakers will connect to. Using the attic or the basement and your drill and paddle bit, drill a hole into each one of the walls where the speakers will be mounted. Make sure you drill into the same stud bay as the one where the speaker will be mounted. Drill a hole up into the wall and stud bay directly behind the surround sound receiver.

Step 3: Run the Wire

Run 5 runs of wire from the wall directly behind the receiver to each one of the wall mounted speakers. To get the wire out of the small hole cut in for each speaker, tape a small amount of magnetic chain to a fishing rod. Tape the wire to the fishing rod. Run the fishing rod up the wall until it is roughly level with the holes you notched out. Stick the flexible magnet stick into the wall and move it around until it grabs the chain and pull the chain out. Using a firm, consistent pressure, pull the chain along with the fishing rod out of the wall and cut the wire off.

Step 4: Mount the Brackets

Mount the brackets to the walls using standard drywall or wood screws. If you cannot anchor it to a stud then use drywall anchors to support the weight.

Step 5: Mount the Speakers

Connect the speaker wires to the backs of each one of the individual wires. Connect the speakers to the brackets using the appropriately sized screws which were supplied with the wall mounting brackets. A variety should be available to suite varying styles.

Step 6: Wire the Receiver

Connect each of the wires from the speakers to the receiver. You can use a battery, such as a 9V, to determine which speaker wire goes to which speaker. Connecting the wire will cause a static sound.

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