Installing a Window Air Condition Unit Installing a Window Air Condition Unit

A window air condition unit can be a beautiful thing to have in the middle of summer. Unfortunately, they can sometimes be difficult to install. There are a few simple but important steps that need to be taken when installing a window air condition unit.

• Find out which window you want to install it into and measure the size of the window.
• If the unit came with mounting brackets install those now.
• Carefully slide the window air condition unit into the window opening and then mount it to the brackets.
• Push the window on top of the unit to secure it.
• Pull out the extension flaps on the unit and snug them to the window frame.
• If the unit came with a piece of foam lift up the window and place it between the window and the unit. This is to help seal it and prevent leaks.
• If there’s a drainage hose it should be attached now.

Tips for Installing the Unit

• If you have an option of where to install the window air condition unit place it on the south facing or north facing walls. This is because the east and west walls will receive direct sunlight which causes the unit to have to work harder.

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