Installing Window Trim: Mistakes to Avoid

Installing window trim injects a new look and character to a home. You do not need to call in an expert as it is an easy project that any homeowners can undertake. However, you must take care  when installing it. Read on to learn about several common mistakes people make when installing trim so you can effectively avoid them.

Leaving Dried Paint on the Window Trim

If you do not cut away dried paint that is on the mitered joint of the window trim, this material can pose a problem when you want to make accurate corners and fit them together. To let the corners properly fit together, cut away the dried paint on the pre-painted window trim.

Inaccurate Miter Cuts

Poorly cut mitered joints will not fit together and will not look good. If you have not made these joints before, practice your cutting on a piece of scrap lumber you acquire from a lumber yard.

Ill-Fitting Corners

Fitting the window trim corners can be quite tricky even if you have obtained miter cuts that are accurate. This is especially true if the walls of your room are not smooth and uneven. The uneven walls can cause your window trim to tilt slightly, which will cause the joints not to fit properly. To solve this problem, use a shim to fill the space under one of the window trim molding when you fit the joints in the corner. This moves it out from the wall. Fill in the hollow with caulk when you fasten the pieces together.