Installing Windows on Flimsy Shed Walls

Lead Image for Installing Windows on Flimsy Shed Walls
  • 4-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-900
What You'll Need
Transparent plastic sheet
All-purpose glue
Piece of board
Window frame

A shed can be improved by the addition of a window. It can add extra light and ventilation. If your shed has flimsy walls, that can restrict your options.

Step 1 – Decide How Flimsy

A glass window with a wooden frame can be heavy, so you won't want to install one in a wall that's too flimsy to support it. If the wall is made of fabric or thin plywood, the chances of a successful glass window installation are not good.

Step 2 – Consider Alternatives

In a truly flimsy wall, the best way to install a window is to cut the window opening and then to glue a piece of the transparent plastic sheet across it. This is very basic and will not open, but it will provide extra light and not strain the wall.

Step 3 – Reinforce the Wall

A wall that's too flimsy to carry the weight of a window needs to be reinforced. The reinforcement will not only enable the wall to support the window but will also prevent the window opening from making the wall even flimsier.

Step 4 – Decide How to Reinforce the Wall

Examine the wall to see what options you have for reinforcing it. In most cases, you'll be limited to adding a further wall section and fitting it to the studding of the shed. Use a sheet of board or plywood that can be fitted to the inside of the wall.

If the window is needed in an area enclosed by a rectangle of studding, it might be possible to reinforce only that area.

Step 5 – Measure for Timber

Measure the area to be reinforced and obtain the necessary timber. Have the timber cut to fit precisely. Check that the reinforcement timber fits into the area designated.

Step 6 – Prepare the Wall

Clean the wall within the studding area to get rid of all dust. Paint the wall liberally with all-purpose glue or some other liquid adhesive. Place the reinforcement board against the glue and press it home. If possible, have someone outside the shed pushing back. Nail the board to the studding at six-inch intervals.

Step 7 – Cut the Window Opening

Mark the position of the opening for the window frame. Drill a hole in each corner and use a jigsaw to cut the opening into the board. This will also cut through the wall of the shed.

Step 8 – Fit the Frame

Fit the window frame into the opening and secure it with wooden beading around the inside. Where the frame extends beyond the wall of the shed, put a bead of mastic to seal the join against rain and water.

Step 9 – Install the Window

The window can now be fitted into the frame and secured.