Install a Mortise Lock Install a Mortise Lock

What You'll Need
Bevel Edge Chisel and Hammer
Knife or Cutting Edge

Part One

1. Mark the mortise center line, using the lock as a template. Remove waste with #134, and square mortise edges with a chisel until the lock fits snugly.

2. Mark around the edge of the faceplate with knife, then use #194 high speed cutter to shape recess until the faceplate is flush with the door.

3. Mark holes for the faceplate and drill with a bit smaller than the fastening screws.

4. Screw the lock into its recess and check action. Fasten the faceplate and keyhole covers on each side of holes.

Part Two

1. With the door closed, operate the bolt to determine the position of the strike plate on the door frame. If a marking device did not come with the lock, use carbon paper as shown.

2. Mark and cut the mortise and recess for the strike plate using the same method used for installing the lock.

3. Fit the strike plate into the opening and fasten.

Courtesy of Dremel Tools

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