Insulating Garage Walls: Top 2 Options Insulating Garage Walls: Top 2 Options

If you wish to keep your house warmer, then insulating garage walls is one way of preventing heat loss. This is particularly important if the garage has been converted into a utility room, or is now being used as an additional home. When it comes to insulating garage walls, you have a number of choices.

Plasterboard Insulation

One of the cheapest ways to do this is to use a form of plasterboard, which has been specially insulated. This is fitted directly onto the walls, and nothing else needs to be done. The insulation on the internal side of the plasterboard prevents heat from leaving the room, and also helps to stop cold air from entering the garage. The downside of this method is that it means you will have to add a vapor barrier to the wall in order to prevent condensation.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Another way of insulating garage walls is to use the same type of materials that insulated the internal walls of the home. Modern homes have a cavity wall, meaning that there are two walls built back-to-back with a small gap in between them. This gap can be filled with material to better insulate the home. Polystyrene boards or sprayed fiberglass foam are both used to fill gaps.


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