Insulation Board Insulation Board

Insulation board, or as it is more commonly known, fiberboard, is a man made product which is constructed from wood fibers. Insulation board comes in various types.

Types of Insulation Board

Insulation board types are particle board, medium density insulation board (medium density fiberboard), and hardboard. Particle board is a low density type of insulation board.

Density is the structural integrity of the insulation board, or to put it simpler, how strong it is and how much resistance it will have to breaking. Plywood isn’t a type of insulation board, since it is comprised of layers of wood, or wood veneers, and not wood fibers.

A veneer is often put over a piece of insulation board, in the furniture or cabinet making business, for instance.

The wood veneer over a piece of insulation board can give the wood the appearance of a piece of actual wood, but the buyer should be aware of veneers and always ask if the wood is real wood or is insulation board.

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