Integrate Concrete Beams into the Home Integrate Concrete Beams into the Home

If you have concrete beams in your home, then you may need to integrate them into the rest of the house. Concrete beams can sometimes look very unattractive in a home, particularly over time. Even in the home, the beams can start to look weathered, and old, and this can make the whole room in which they are installed seem to be  dank and miserable. One way to avoid this is to integrate the concrete beam into your home using a variety of home improvement tools and a little bit of design flair. A few hints and tips about these concrete problems can help you to get the best result from your concrete beams.


The first solution to making your beams look part of the house is to cover them with drywall. These boards can easily be placed over the beams, and then covered with plaster. Make sure that you have the right drywall plaster to ensure that your concrete beams meet building standards. Once the drywall is installed, then you can decorate it as you choose. The worst part of installing drywall is actually getting it onto position, as it is awkward and heavy. Having a friend to help you can ease the installation of drywall. As well as adding a drywall, it can be useful to insulate the concrete beams, particularly if they are reaching up from the ground floor. This will protect you against cold draughts being brought up from the concrete breams.


You could also add a plaster directly to the wall, rather than fitting it over drywall. The plaster in this instance will have to be strong enough to support the concrete beams, so make sure that it is reinforced with fiberglass or another type of fiber. These can help you to make the most of your installation. Don't add only one layer of plaster to the wall, but give the first coat a chance to dry and then add a second layer. This will help you to create a solid and smooth surface for any decoration you might choose. You may want to add a layer of fiberglass or glass pieces into the surface of the first layer in order to create a very tough layer of plaster, although this is not necessary.

Adding Wallpaper

You could add a layer of wallpaper over the concrete beams, although it is a good idea to at least plaster before you do so. Wallpaper which is quite thick and heavy will help to ensure that the concrete is properly insulated and protected, and you can also use textured wallpaper to smooth out any lumps and bumps which might have been made during the installation of the plaster. Make sure that your wallpaper matches the other parts of the room, otherwise the beam will stand out. Use wallpaper paste sparingly, as it may be too heavy for the concrete to support.


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